Do I Really Need a Flu Shot?

The simple answer is YES.  Every year Public Service Announcements tell the nation to go and get a flu shot.  These announcements even tell specific populations (elderly, infants, children, pregnant women and those with asthma) to get a flu shot. The excuses are many for not getting one – “I never catch the flu,” “I might get sick from the flu shot” or “I will get flu shots after I get the flu”.  There are many strains of flu and though the flu shot may not keep you from getting some strains of the flu, it will help you combat the flu better as your immune system will be better prepared.

Those with asthma should be at the head of the line.  The flu, in addition to having asthma, is a very serious matter.  Even if you do not get the flu, being exposed to the flu virus can initiate an asthma attack.  There have been many times  a person has been admitted to the hospital with an asthma attack because a family member or coworker exposed them to the flu.  The person with asthma did not get the flu, but the exposure triggered an attack – severe enough to be hospitalized.

Consider the flu shot to be part of your Asthma Action Plan.  See your doctor and get the flu shot.  It could be the easiest part of your strategy to control your asthma.


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