Asthma 101

In order to manage asthma on a daily basis and for children to be able to participate in all school activities, it is important for schools and child care providers to first understand the disease, its symptoms, triggers, and treatments.

The Community Asthma Partnership at Wolfson Children’s Hospital (CAPW) provides tools to help schools and child care centers learn more about asthma in order to manage the disease in their unique settings. Feel free to download, print and share these with teachers, coaches, staff, and volunteers.

What is Asthma? »

Learn the basics about asthma, its symptoms and triggers.

How to Recognize and Respond to an Asthma Attack »

Asthma attacks tend to hit without warning, causing everyone involved to panic. You can reduce the stress of these flare-ups by following these steps to prepare and know how to respond.

Asthma Medicines and Devices »

A simple guide to both the short- and long-term medications your doctor may prescribe to treat your asthma.

Glossary of Terms »

Bronchodilator? Spirometry? Refer to this glossary for a breakdown of these and other words you’ll hear in reference to asthma.

CAPW is here to help you.

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