Asthma-Friendly School Checklist

Since children spend most of their waking hours at school, it is essential to create an asthma-friendly learning environment so that every student can participate in all activities. Check off the items on this list to make sure your school is asthma-friendly:

Tobacco-Free Environment

Rid tobacco smoke from all areas of your school including classrooms, gathering areas, vans, buses, trucks, events, and games (both “home” and “away” if possible).

Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Achieving good IAQ comes from reducing or eliminating irritants that make asthma worse and changing air filters frequently.

Eliminate Asthma Triggers and Allergens

The following items should be significantly reduced, if not fully eliminated, in order to keep asthma under control at school:

  • Strong odors (from crafts supplies, bug spray, perfumes, paint, air fresheners, cleaning chemicals)
  • Mold
  • Cockroaches
  • Dust mites
  • Furry/feathered pets

On-Site Medicine Administrator

A school nurse or professional, qualified staff member should be on campus at all times to monitor/administer asthma medicines.

On-Person Medicine

By law, children are allowed to carry their quick-relief asthma medicines with them at all times. Teachers, coaches, school nurses and administrators can help by reminding the child to take the medicine with them in between classes or activities.

Asthma Education for School Staff

Train all staff to identify asthma symptoms, asthma emergencies and steps to take to implement emergency plans.

Asthma Action Plan

Keep a physician-written Asthma Action Plan for each child with asthma on file in the main office, in his/her classroom, and with his/her coaches or after school instructors.

Asthma-Friendly Activities

Offer safe options for physical education and activities. Encourage the children with asthma to participate in everything, but also understand and respect their limits.

Emergency Plans

Develop several emergency plans in order to effectively respond to an asthma attack. Plans should include:

  • School-wide – establish a plan to be used across campus under normal circumstances.
  • Classroom-specific – take into account the context of each room and how that might affect an emergency situation (for example, a kindergarten class versus a science lab).
  • Away from school – know the steps to take while on a field trip or at an off-campus sporting event.
  • Child-specific – keep in mind that each child’s asthma is different and the individual’s Asthma Action Plan should be consulted first.

Asthma-Friendly Field Trips

Plan asthma-friendly field trips so that everyone can enjoy the experience. Think ahead about anything that might trigger a child’s asthma from tobacco smoke and strong smells to feathered or furry animals.

Medical/Nursing Consultant

The medical consultant should be readily available to educate staff on asthma, help develop Asthma Action Plans, train staff to manage medicines, plan safe activities/field trips and eliminate triggers.

Asthma Response Review

Establish a process for documenting asthma episodes/symptoms at school, steps that were taken in response to the episode and how it could be improved. These reviews should be shared with the child’s family and physician.

Updated Health Records

Keep updated health records on file for each student, whether they have asthma or not.

Asthma Support Groups

Encourage students to get involved with groups supporting asthma both on- and off-campus. This will help them interact with and learn from other children living with the disease.

Tools for Families

Provide information and tools to help families understand and manage asthma outside of school.

Healthcare Procedures

Develop forms and easy-to-use letter templates to communicate with healthcare providers.

Click the link to download the Asthma-Friendly School Checklist (Lista para Crear un Ambiente Favorable en la Casa Para Niños con Asma ) via PDF.

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