Steps to Managing an Asthma Attack at School

If a student has excessive coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or chest tightness, follow these steps:

Stop Activity

Move student away from the trigger that started the symptoms, if known.

Help the student to a sitting or standing position; do not recline.

Speak calmly and reassuringly.

Use Quick-Relief Inhaler

Encourage the student to use his or her quick-relief inhaler, if available.

Follow individualized Asthma Action/Emergency Plan, if available.

Have student assessed by school nurse after using quick-relief medicine, if possible, and notify parents.

Seek Help

Obtain assistance from school nurse or designated emergency staff if student does not have quick-relief inhaler OR if quick-relief inhaler does not work.

Never Leave the Student Alone

Always Notify a Parent or Guardian

Call 9-1-1 if:

  • Breathing is hard and fast
  • Student has trouble walking or talking
  • Student is unable or struggles to breathe
  • Lips or fingertips are blue
  • Nostrils open wide

Click here to download printable Steps Managing an Asthma Attack at School (Pasos para Manejar un Ataque de Asma en la Escuela ) via PDF.

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