Tips for Facilities Managers

Those responsible for the school grounds and facilities need to do their part to ensure an asthma-friendly campus. Here are some basic rules to follow:


Monitor the school environment for the presence of asthma/allergy triggers.

Indoor Air Quality Management

Develop an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plan in accordance with EPA, including allergens and irritants such as mold, ventilation system, chemical pollutants, pests, feathered pets, etc.

No Smoking

Enforce smoking bans on school property.

Environmental Inspections

Inspect the building on a regularly scheduled basis for environmental issues such as mold, moisture, leaks, and spills.

Reduce Fabric

Avoid carpets and upholstered furniture that harbor dust mites.

Close Windows

Keep classroom windows closed when pollen, spores, and pollution levels are high.

Repair During Down-Time

Schedule extensive building repairs, renovations, cleaning, lawn care (grass cutting), and pesticide applications for when the building is not occupied.

EPA School Bus Idling Policy

Implement a school bus idling policy, like this sample idling policy from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to reduce school bus emissions at your school.


Keep staff, students, parents, and guardians informed regarding air quality problems and plans to reduce asthma triggers.

Click the link to download Asthma Tips for Facilities Managers (Consejos Sobre el Asma Para el Personal de Mantenimiento ) via PDF.

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