Tips for School Administrators

As school leaders, administrators need to be the ultimate authority in establishing an asthma-friendly environment by following these tips:


Designate a faculty member to champion the asthma program. The champion will serve as a liaison for students, parents and guardians, faculty, and health care educators and providers. The champion will also maintain all program records including written action plans for students with asthma.


Support a screening process that identifies students with asthma on an annual basis.

Annual Training for Staff

Provide an asthma training opportunity to classroom teachers, physical education teachers and coaches, food service providers, and facilities engineers.

Asthma Training for Parents

Provide asthma education opportunities for parents and the community through programs such as the school’s P.T.A.

Quick-Relief Medication Laws

Support the Florida State Legislature Statute that allows students to carry their rescue inhaler with them for self medication with approval from their parent and physician.

Asthma-Friendly School

Ensure a healthy environment for students with asthma by reducing environmental triggers from the school grounds.

  • Assure that extensive building repairs, renovations, cleaning, and pesticide applications are scheduled when the building is not occupied.
  • Enforce the smoking ban on school property during and after school hours.
  • Utilize non-latex gloves in food services department.
  • Ensure list of ingredients of all food served in cafeteria is available for students, staff, parents and guardians.
  • Provide health alerts and offer alternatives for outside play to protect students during extreme temperatures, high pollen counts, unacceptable air pollutants, or flare-ups of asthma.

Provide Resources

Maintain an asthma resources catalogue for the school office and school library. Approve distribution of posters for display throughout the school and support use of Steps to Managing an Asthma Attack at School, as standard protocol when an asthma-related emergency occurs on school grounds or field trips.


Ensure that teachers receive an annual confidential list of students with asthma, with their treatment plan included.

Click the link to download Asthma Tips for School Administrators (Consejos Sobre el Asma Para Administradores de la Escuela ) via PDF.

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