Tips for School Nurses

Here are a few helpful asthma reminders and tips for school nurses:

Annual Asthma Review

Coordinate annual review to identify students with asthma utilizing the following tools:

  • Reviewing medical records, emergency information, and absentee data.
  • Distribute and collect asthma questionnaire to be filled out by parents/students.

Asthma Action Plans

Maintain written asthma action plan for each student with asthma. Provide teachers with a copy of the plan to be kept in their classroom. Plans should include:

  • Asthma medications, with dosages and instructions prescribed for the student.
  • Instructions to follow during a flare up of asthma.
  • Identified allergens and irritants that are known to trigger the student’s asthma.
  • Emergency procedures and phone numbers.
  • Picture of student for easy identification.

Peak Flow Meters

Maintain assigned peak flow meters with ranges that can be used to monitor asthma control or response to treatment.

Administer Medications

Assist patients with medication administration and/or support self administration of medication as indicated. Provide easy access to emergency medications.

Asthma Education for Families

Assist and support with asthma education program and case management for students with poorly controlled asthma.

  • Assistance in obtaining healthcare coverage
  • Access to asthma medications
  • Referral to physician(s)
  • Obtaining individualized written treatment plans

Asthma Liaison

Serve as a liaison to promote flow of communication between students, staff, parents and guardians, and health care educators and providers.

Quick Relief Medication Laws

Support the Florida State Legislature Statute that allows students to carry their rescue inhaler with them for self medication with approval from parent and physician. Provide easy access to emergency medications.

Asthma Education for Staff and Parents

Assist and support health care educators to provide asthma education initiatives to faculty, parents and guardians through staff meetings, P.T.A., etc.

Click the link to download Asthma Tips for School Nurses (Consejos Sobre el Asma Para Enfermeras Escolares ) via PDF.

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