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Pinedale Elementary Achieves “Asthma-Friendly School” Status »

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Pinedale Elementary, where nearly 15 percent of the students have asthma, recently became an “Asthma-Friendly School.” To achieve this recognition, CAPW asthma educators worked with administrators, staff, teachers, parents and students to create awareness about the disease, as well as how to manage the condition at school. In addition to age-appropriate Asthma Action training and [...]

Impromptu Asthma Education »

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During an asthma education presentation for the faculty at a local elementary school, Billy, age nine, went to one of the asthma educators to tell her about his asthma. Through the course of the conversation, the asthma educator discovered that Billy had not been involved in the asthma classes for the students, he did not [...]

Team Effort Slam Dunks Asthma Management »

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When six-year-old Jamie started kindergarten at Pinedale Elementary School, he had asthma, but he was missing an Asthma Action Plan and the tools needed to keep his asthma under control. Jamie’s mother enrolled him in the A2 Asthma Action Program in May, and Jamie participated in the weekly asthma classes taught by a CAPW asthma [...]

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